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Pavel Protopopov, Ph.D.

Certified Russian translator

Professor, B.Chem.Eng, Ph.D.




If you are looking for accurate professional quality Russian translation you have come to the right place. I am a freelance Russian translator with more than 20 years in translation business. Tremendous experience and almost encyclopedic education allow me to make translations into Russian in vast variety of subjects with invariable high quality and accuracy.
Besides translation I do editing, proofreading and DTP; web design, tuning and submission to Russian search engines and directories.

If you need translation from audio sources I can help with transcribing.

Language pairs in Russian translation

English to Russian translation English to Russian (main)
Russian to English translation Russian to English

Here follows some information that will help to make your choice of my services



Subject areas

scientific Russian translation: chemistry, physics, biology physics, chemistry, biology

technical Russian translation: engineering and technology engineering and technology including: oil and gas production, chemical engineering, biotechnology, metallurgy and metal processing, automobile production, repair and maintenance, mining, electric welding and many others

Russian translation: computers, information technology and telecommunication computer and information technologies, computer software

technical Russian translation in the field of electronics and radio electronics and radio

technical Russian translation - textiles production and finishing textiles

Russian translation in the field of business, economics and finance economics and finance

Russian translation in the field of bicycle manufacturing, maintenance and use bicycles and bicycling

Russian translation - travel and tourism touring and travel

literary Russian translation humanitarian fields, religion

Translation types

Russian translation of scientific articles scientific articles, reviews, abstracts

Russian translation of conference proceedings & reports conference proceedings & reports

Russian translation of business & technical documents business & technical documents/letters

Russian translation of presentations & advertisements presentations, PRs, advertisements

Russian translation of patent applications patents & patent applications

Russian translation of manuals & instructions manuals, specifications & instructions

Russian translation of webpages and web-design website translation

Russian software localization software documentation, manuals, help files

Russian translation of books & stories book chapters & stories

Russian translation of video and film scripts video and film scripts

Russian translation of private and dating correspondence private and dating correspondence



More about me

My detailed resume-CV :
all about my education, work history, translation experience and other skills

Technical background

My selected  publications and patents

Hobby: bicycle touring

Not only translation: my bicycle trips and other cycling activities



Sample translations:

sample English to Russian translation English > Russian translation

sample Russian to English translation Russian > English translation


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All about Russia - extensive information about Russian culture, art, travel, Russian cuisine, learning Russian, Russian women and a lot more...

Miscellaneous (translation-related)

Tips to a client (how to make a translator happy)

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Please contact me by telephone: 7-844-2241223, fax: 1-443-7872615 (efax, US number), or (alternate You can also write your comments in a feedback form


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